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Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Zachary Mojica, otherwise known as The Heartist Artist. I'm an artist currently based in San Antonio, Texas. My artwork is a self-expression of my life experiences, traumas, and my yearn to fully understand what it means to be a sentient human being. Apart from this, I am also inspired by thoughts of romance, emotional intelligence, and the various aspects of mental health.

Interested in collecting a digital collectible / NFT from my many bodies of work?

NFT Collections on the Cardano Blockchain - Here you will find majority of my bodies of work. This includes my scribble drawings and a variety of other collections.

NFT Collections on the Tezos Blockchain - Here you will find my abstract biomechanical studies. 

NFT Collections on the Ethereum Blockchain
- Here you will find my digital and physical oil paintings.

Social Media and Portfolio

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